Hydrogen Peroxide

Used in the bleaching of yarns and natural cellulosic fiber fabrics, such as cotton as linen; also the proteic fibers, such as wool and silk; as well as the synthetic ones.

Bleaching of Confectioned Garments:

In the last 20 years, the Brazilian textile industry has been going through a process of modernization and expansion. In this context, hydrogen peroxide has confirmed its place of honor for the whitening of textile fibers and new applications have come about, such as: oxidative de-gumming, anti-chlorine treatment, oxidation of dyes and others.

PERÓXIDOS DO BRASIL has accumulated an extensive experience that we place at the disposal of industrial laundries, which, in many cases, have processes and problems similar to those of the textile industry.

Parameters to be studied for a correct use of hydrogen peroxide 

Sinner’s Cycle: relationship between time, temperature, chemical products and mechanical action.

The use of stabilizing or regulating agents hydrogen peroxide: silicates, metasilicates or organic stabilizers.

The use of alkaline products: caustic soda, sodium carbonate, etc.

The use of cleaning and humidifying agents.

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