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Who we are

A business in constant evolution

The success of Peróxidos do Brasil is credited to the key commitments that guide our activities, i.e.: supplying high quality technological solutions; providing customized service and developing special projects for our customers.

We also provide renowned quality services such as:


Unique customers, customized services


Unique and qualified services

Peróxidos do Brasil is supported by a high quality sales team knowledgeable about the market and able to provide technical information on products while supporting and suggesting new solutions to the business of our customers.


Distribution network and order tracking 

Peróxidos do Brasil operates in the capital cities of the Latin American countries and in the main cities of Brazil, through an extensive network of distributors. This way, orders are delivered swiftly in 24-hour tracking by GPS, which ensures ongoing information and security.


Assistance for installation, storage and emergency services

Peróxidos do Brasil’s team is well trained to meet the needs of each customer, and to provide support for installation, storage, handling and application of products.

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